13 DIY Ideas to Help Guests Find Their Seats at Weddings and Parties

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean your place cards have to be stuffy. From playful to regal and everything in between, check out these 13 place card holders to make finding your seat a little more fun:


1. Gold Succulent Holders


Make these classy place card holders with gold spray paint and faux succulents and use them to hold elegant handwritten escort cards.


Gold succulent holders


2. Place Card Wall


Turn your favorite photo into a wall of place cards for your guests. For a wedding, use one of your engagement photos.


Unique Wedding Place Cards


3. Drink Tags


Help your guests quench their thirst and find their seat with this sweet idea. Simply write your guest’s name and table number on a gift tag and place it on a glass bottled beverage.


Drink tags


4. Origami Place Cards


We can’t imagine how much time it’d take to create these amazing place cards that feature an attached origami bird on an otherwise simple place card but we’re sure it’d be worth it.


 Origami Place Cards


5. Dinosaur Escort Cards


You’re never too old to enjoy a new toy. These dino place cards help guests find their seat and give them something to play with in the meantime…and don’t be surprised if you notice guests trading to get their favorite dinosaur.


Dinosaur Escort Cards


6. Scratcher Escort Cards


Scratching off your table number is like getting a treat with these scratcher place cards with an attached “scratching tool.”


Scratcher Escort Cards


7. Macaron Escort Cards


These might be the tastiest way to find your seat ever created. Stick a label into your favorite treat so guests can enjoy a snack while they search for their table.


Macaron Escort Cards


8. Bags of Cherries Escort Cards


And while we’re on the topic of food, these mini bags of cherries are the perfect way to provide guests with a gift to take home (or snack on during the reception) and get to their seat.


Cherry Escort Cards


9. Washi Tape Cards with Wine Cork Holders


Make these cards using cardstock, washi tape, and a black pen before placing them in a wine cork holder. The colors on these cards represent what meal each guest requested, making serving dinner a cinch.


Washi Tape Cards


10. Rosemary Sprig Place Cards


These simple place cards made with cardstock and rosemary are a memorable and delightfully fragrant way to label seats at the table.


Rosemary Sprig Place Cards


11. Watercolor Place Cards


You’d never know these colorful place cards were homemade and hand painted. Paint them any color to match the color scheme of your party.


Watercolor Place Cards


12. Succulent Escort Cards


Give guests the gift of a plant as they make their way to their table. It doesn’t get much cuter than a tiny plant!


Succulent Escort Cards


13. Paper Airplanes


Remind your guests of the joy of childhood with these paper plane escort cards they’ll have to unfold to find their table number. Don’t be surprised if you see a few airplanes flying around on the dance floor.


Paper Airplanes