A Modern Classic Holiday Tree DIY

“Classic” is often mistaken for “boring” but we’re out to disprove that the two are related. From the cheerful letter banner to the patterned glass ornaments to the out-of-this-world urchin ornaments, this tree uses the usual colors to create something that’s anything but bland. Follow the tutorials below to learn how to create your own modern classic tree.



“Merry and Bright” Banner


An untraditional take on a holiday garland is the perfect addition to take your tree into new (and chic) territory.


Merry and Bright Letter Banner

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Materials Needed:



The Process:

1. Start by printing the letters template linked above.


2. Trace the letters onto the felt with the black marker. You should be able to fit three to four letters on each sheet of felt.


3. Using sharp scissors, carefully cut out each letter. We left the black outline on our letters but you could easily cut it off.


4. Cut your twine into three sections long enough to wrap around your tree.


5. Word by word, tape the letters onto the twine. Spacing will vary based on how wide your tree is. Our tree was tall and skinny, so the letters looked best placed very close together.


6. Once the letters are all taped, tie the banner around your tree and adjust the spacing as needed.



Patterned Washi Tape Ornaments


The best thing about these ornaments is how easily they can be customized by changing the paint or tape color or switching up the design.


Washi Tape Ornaments

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Materials Needed:

  • 12 Clear glass ornaments
  • 1 Large bottle of cream acrylic paint
  • 1 Roll of thin black washi tape
  • 12 Disposable Bathroom Cups
  • Scissors


The Process:


1. Carefully remove the tops of each ornament and place aside until later.


2. Begin taping your design onto the ornament. We went with a plus sign (+) shape, which only requires cutting the tape into equal sized pieces before laying them on the ornament and smoothing out any wrinkles. We were able to fit six plus signs on each ornament.


3. After the washi tape is applied to all ornaments, squeeze paint into the opening of the ornament and swirl it around until the entire ornament is fully covered, adding more paint as needed.


4. Once the inside of the ornament is coated with paint, place it in the disposable cup with the opening-side down to allow the paint to drain out. Repeat for all ornaments.


5. Allow the ornaments to drain for at least 48 hours. Take our word on it- the paint will separate and crackle if you don’t allow it to drain properly.


6. Once the paint has been drained from the ornaments, place the tops on, throw out the cups, and use hooks or string to hang the ornaments alongside your banner on the tree!



Urchin Ornaments


After the holidays, you can use these ornaments as trinkets to decorate with around the house. They look especially great on coffee tables or as the centerpiece in the dining room.


Urchin Ornaments

Surround Yourself Magazine

Materials Needed:


  • 12 Styrofoam balls
  • 3 Packs of toothpicks (total of 750 toothpicks)
  • Gold spray paint


The Process:

1. Begin sticking toothpicks in the styrofoam ball. Keep adding them until your ornament resembles an urchin. We used 50-60 toothpicks in ours but you can always adjust the amount for the look you’re going for.


2. Once all your urchins have their “spines,”spray paint the entire ornament gold. Because styrofoam tends to soak up paint, it may take 2-3 coats to fully cover your ornament.


3. Let dry 2-3 hours before placing on your tree. We found that the toothpicks are the perfect anchors to hold your ornaments on the tree, so no hooks or strings are necessary to keep them in place.



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