8 DIYs You Can Make Using Paint Swatches

The best things in life are free and that includes paint swatches from your local hardware or paint store, which you can use to DIY a bounty of colorful projects. Best of all, paint swatches come in every color (it’s kinda their job) so you can perfectly customize any of these DIYs to match your style.

1. Party Invitations
Be the coolest kid on the block and host a popsicle-themed party, complete with these DIY invitations.
Popsicle Invitation

2. Corded Flower Garland
Make your space more festive by fashioning a garland out of paint chips and whatever string you have lying around.
Popsicle Invitation

3. Paint Chip Mobile
This simple DIY can be used to create a mobile to hang over a crib or to create a chandelier. It’s an upscale look on (almost) nothing budget.
 Paint Chip Mobile

4. Changeable Calendar
Pencil a DIY into your busy schedule and keep track of everything you’ve got going on.
 Paint Chip Calendar

5. Ombre Wreath
If there’s one thing we’ll never get tired of, it’s a good wreath DIY. Using paint swatches and a wreath form, you can create a totally customizable wreath for your space.


6. Sunshine Clock
There’s no happier way to get the time than with this clock DIY. Simply take a store bought clock and add your own paint chip embellishments.

7. Animal Friends
Why buy toys when you can DIY them? Perfect for a crafternoon activity, these animals are made entirely from paint swatches.

8. Vase Liner
Add a pop of color with this incredibly quick and easy DIY. All you have to do is line the interior of your favorite glass vase with paint swatches and secure them with clear tape. Easy peasy!
Vase Liner