8 DIYs Proving Betasseling Is The New Bedazzling

Betasseling is the new bedazzling and we’re oh-so-thrilled to put away our hot glue guns and pull out sewing needles instead. With this tutorial, a Netflix binge, and a whole lot of yarn or embroidery thread, you can create the betassled dreamworld you’ve always wanted.


1. Tasseled rug

Whether you choose to use this rug to spice up your floor or as a picnic blanket, the tassels make it more fun and memorable.


DIY Tasseled Rug


2. Tasseled curtains

Block out the light but still keep things bright with these tassel curtains.


DIY Pom Pom Tassel Curtains


3. Pillows with a tassel twist


What’s more fun than throw pillow? Throw pillows with tassels, obviously.


DIY Pom Pom Tassel Curtains


4. Tassel and rope headboard

No need to spring for a headboard when you can make your own out of rope and tissue paper.




5. DIY tassel basket

Put all your blankets in one beautiful betasseled basket.




6. Tassel wall hanging


Channel your inner artist and create a wall hanging that only looks intricate to make.




7. Tassel Shower Curtain


Shower in style with this simple way to add some color to your bathroom.




8. Tea dyed tissue paper tassel mobile


This shabby chic mobile is the perfect addition to any nursery.