8 DIYs for the Throw Pillow Enthusiast

The one thing that makes a room great are details and when details are cozy and practical, it’s perfection. Try your hand at making pillows with these 8 designs that are sure to please any style and space.


1. DIY Knot Pillow


Learn how to tie a knot while making these usual pillows destined to make a conversation piece on your couch.


DIY Knot Pillow


2. DIY Pom Pom Pillows


Because there’s no more playful way to show your style than with a few pom poms.


DIY Pom Pom Pillows


3. Round Pleated Pillow


From dorm rooms to mansions, this pillow makes any space a little bit cooler.


Round Pleated Pillow Tutorial


4. Napkin Pillows


Cloth napkins take the measuring and cutting aspect of pillow-making out of the equation, meaning this DIY is perfect for people who like to skip the measuring and cutting step.


Napkin Pillows


5. Pet Pillow DIY


Your furry friend has a favorite lounge spot and why not let it show with this adorable DIY?




6. DIY Alphabet Pillows

Spell out a name, your favorite word, or a friendly greeting with these DIY alphabet pillows that are the perfect opportunity to do some pattern mixing in your home.




7. Placemat Pom Pom Pillow

Would you ever guess this pillow is made from a placemat? Just remove the seams along one edge, fill with stuff, stitch it back up, and throw it on your couch!




8. Gold Foil Pillows

Give your pillows the Midas touch by adding gold foil. It’s a chic and simple way to personalize your pillows.




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