6 DIYs to Make Your Cheap Bookshelf Look Like a Million Bucks

Tis the season for back-to-school sales and the buying of dorm room supplies, including those build-it-yourself bookcases that can be found in superstore for under $30. But if you don’t want your cheap bookshelf to look, well, cheap,try these DIYs to make it look like a million bucks.


1. Add contact paper, wallpaper, or wrapping paper to the background of your bookshelf for a subtle surprise.




2. Pair multiple bookcases with crown molding to build a home library.




3. Outline the edges of your cheap bookcase with fabric washi tape for a pop of color you can switch up at at any time.




4. Add a coat of versatile chalk paint and some legs to your bookcase to give it some height and style.




5. Get that shabby chic look by adding a pallet backsplash to an otherwise simple bookcase.




6. Channel your inner Belle with this DIY that turns cheap bookcases into a real thing of beauty, ladder and all.




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