6 DIY Spring Wreaths

More daylight means is here, even if there are still mounds of snow where you live. If you’re looking to spruce up your door in time for spring, try out one of these colorful and cheery wreaths.


1. Linen Spring Wreath


What better way to invite people into your home than with a wreath that looks like a party? If pink and gold aren’t your style, switch it out for colors that go with your home’s décor.


DIY Spring Wreath in Pink and Gold by Kojo Designs


2. Easy Lemon Wreath


While this wreath would look awesome on an exterior door, hanging it in your kitchen or a space above the dining room table for a pop of color. This particular wreath was made with very realistic looking plastic fruit but the real stuff would make your home smell incredible all season long.


Spring Wreath DIY: Lemons! by Madigan Made


3. Egg Carton Wreath


Put your kids to work on this easy wreath that’ll keep the kids busy all Saturday long as they cut out shapes from egg cartons and paint them before putting them altogether to create a wreath. They’ll love it and so will you.


Make It! Egg Carton Wreath by Homemade Serenity


4. Spring Green Wreath


For the price of an iced coffee, you can make this happy green wreath using an old picture frame and faux green leaves. Like the lemon wreath, you can always opt for the real thing and make your home smell even better than this wreath looks.


$3.00 Spring Green Wreath by The Frugal Homemaker


5. Bunny Wreath


A cute take on tradition, this bunny-shaped spring wreath will be a statement piece you’ll never get tired of.


Bunny Wreath Tutorial! By Bubbly Nature Creations


6. Umbrella Vase Wreath


Admittedly this isn’t a wreath but it serves the same purpose and is a fun way to put an old umbrella to good use. If you’ve ever broken your umbrella on a particularly windy day, this DIY is for you. Tie a bow, drop in your favorite flowers, and you’re all done!


DIY: Umbrella Vase by Steve Adams Interiors


Cheers to spring crafternoons!