6 Clay DIYs Grownups Will Love

Put those clay figurines you made in elementary school art class to rest and get started on some clay projects for your grownup ways. Polymer and air dry clay, which are inexpensive and easily accessible at most craft stores, can help you DIY your way to a trendy home that looks anything but homemade.


1. Faceted Clay Tealight Holder


Place a tealight candle in a ball of clay and then carve away angles to make this mod candle holder.


DIY Faceted Clay Tealight Holder


2. Typographic Clay Boxes


Personalize your home with these DIY clay storage containers that are perfect for storing little knickknacks that clutter up the counter.


Typographic Clay Boxes


3. Pineapple Trinket Dish

Use a cookie cutter, clay, and a permanent marker (or paint) to make these whimsical dishes.


DIY Pineapple Ring Dish


4. Marble Coasters


Twist a few colors of polymer clay, bake for 30 minutes, and add liquid gilding to make the jazziest coasters you ever did see. Dog not included.


Typographic Clay Boxes


5. Clay Nesting Bowls


These intricate beauties are incredibly easy to make with air dry clay and a rubber stamp.


DIY Stamped Clay Bowls


6. Wall Tiles


Yes, you read that correctly! You can make your own custom wall tiles for a fraction of the cost using craft store clay and an afternoon, which comes in especially handy for those hard to find designs like these fish scale tiles. Due to their softer nature, they work best as backsplash and not on floors.


DIY Fish Scale Tiles


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