5 Unique Ideas for Decorating a Nursery

When it comes to decorating a nursery, all bets are off. Your nursery needs to be practical and safe but it also needs to be a cozy spot for your little one to grow up. If you’re struggling to find ways to pair practicality with personality in the nursery, check out these clever ideas:

1. Add shelving to the sides of the crib for additional storage.


Babies have a lot of tiny things, which can either create a mess or can be housed neatly on some bonus storage in the nursery. Shelves on either side of the crib won’t take up extra space and you’ll be able to grab books, toys, and anything else the baby needs to fall asleep.



2. Use chalk paint on a dresser to organize clothes by size.


When expecting a baby, you should also expect to receive a lot of clothes for the little one. Organize them by size so that you always know what fits and what doesn’t by using chalk paint on a dresser. Once the paint’s dry, label each drawer with what’s inside so you’ll never waste time looking for pajamas that fit.



3. Frame beloved stuffed animals as art.


Animal busts are a big trend right now…but they’re also alarming for little kids. For a nursery, make a faux animal bust by framing some stuffed animals over the crib. If you have older kids, framing their beloved stuffed animals in the nursery will help them feel more involved with their new brother or sister.



4. Use a pegboard to organize all the little things your baby needs.


As babies grow, their needs change and you may have to switch up the nursery. Use a pegboard on one wall so that switching art out (or moving it out of the baby’s reach) is easy and you can keep everything you use on a regular basis at arm’s length.



5. Make your own mobile.


Since the first thing a baby sees when waking up is a mobile, make it personal by creating your own. Sure you could easily pick one up at a store but crafters of any level can create a meaningful nursery mobile.



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