5 Tips for Taking More Like-able Instagrams

Instagram gives everyone a chance to become a photographer. Brands, businesses, friends, family, and more use it to showcase their own personal brand or show off those precious memories you never want to forget. If you’re looking for ways to up your Instagram game to take better photos and get a Beyonce-level amount of likes, check out a few tips to help you along the way:



1. Lock in the light and exposure.

On most phones, you can tap your screen when taking a photo to test the light and exposure, then hold it when you’re like what you see to lock it in. Instagram star and photographer Pei Ketron uses these tricks to ensure her photos always shine.

2. Find editing apps that fit your style.
There’s no one size fits all here—everybody has a different style and taste when it comes to a good photo. Sometimes all your photos need are a few small edits to make them pop. A couple of apps people swear by: A Color Story and VSCO Cam.


3. Speaking of apps, creating collages can also up your Instagram game.

If you had a fun day filled with all kinds of adventures and can’t pick just one photo, you can create a collage to commemorate the day. Collages also work well to mask any imperfections, such as blurriness, in those “almost perfect” photos.


4. Focus on capturing a moment, not on the amount of likes you want.
Getting a good photo is awesome, but don’t be overly concerned about what other people are posting or how to get your image to look more like theirs. Avoiding that kind of mindset will help you get an original photo that’s meaningful to you. Photographer Ursula Abresch likes to remind people that photos aren’t just pictures, they’re memories of your thoughts that include sounds and smells and feelings.


5. Practice.
There’s no better way to get better at something than to practice. Even if you don’t post every picture you take, practicing both snapping photos and editing them will give you a better grasp on mobile photography. For inspiration, check out a few of our favorite Instagram wizards.


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