5 Tips for Creating a Photo Booth at Home

With winter parties coming up and lots of prep to do indoors since nobody wants to catch a cold, the last thing you want to do is splurge on an expensive photo booth for your party or spend hours DIYing one that you’ll only be able to use once. Here’s how to create your own photo booth at home using things you already own.


1. Set up your booth somewhere in your home that has good lighting.
Since most parties are happening in the evening, have your set up near good lighting so your photos don’t turn out dark or grainy.


Make Your Own Home Photo Booth


2. Create a vignette or backdrop for your photo.

There are some great DIY photo backdrops out there or you can simply pick a place in your home that’s clear of clutter or has a cool piece of art behind it you can use as a backdrop. If you’ve got a spot with cool wallpaper, don’t be afraid to set up your booth there.


Modern, camp-theme birthday


3. Have people use their mobile phone cameras instead of a DSLR.
Cameras on mobile devices are pretty great these days and since it’s easy to share things with a smartphone, you can easily send pictures to guests without them having to wait for you to take the photos, upload them to your computer, and then share them. Using a smartphone takes out the wait time and allows guests to share their photos instantly. They won’t walk out of the party with a photostrip but they can easily print the best images through their app of choice.




4. Get your guests to snap the photos.
Even at bigger parties or weddings, there’s always someone around who knows how to use a smartphone and can take a decent picture with it.




5. Have props.
People are infinitely more comfortable having their photo taken when they’ve got something to hold or a task. Having funny props gives people something to entertain themselves with to take the pressure off being in front of the camera.


Kid’s Birthday Party