5 Times Major Concrete DIYs Made Everything Better

Pick a room, any room, and ask yourself what would make it better. A new counter in the kitchen? New flooring in the playroom? A new sink in the bathroom? Those things are all attainable and with a low price tag, no demolition required. Concrete’s giving old things a new lease on life.


1. Laundry Room Makeover
This concrete used in this countertop DIY cost less than lunch and made an otherwise fine laundry room into an industrial oasis. Our favorite part of this DIY is the character left behind by the elbow grease put into making this countertop more modern. Even with sanding, pouring the concrete, and adding a couple coats of sealer, this DIY is one even the most novice crafter could tackle.




2. A Small Farmhouse Kitchen Refresh
Sometimes the kitchen needs a refresh and hauling in a fresh slab of marble or quartz just isn’t an option. That’s when concrete homes in handy. To do this entire small kitchen and another powder room in the home was less than $200 and the results are priceless, practical, and chic.




3. An Open Modern Kitchen
In what might be the happiest kitchen in the world, a concrete countertop levels out the sunny yellow cabinets beneath it. A helpful tip from the maker of this concrete masterpiece: use a food-safe sealer or be willing to rely on cutting boards.




4. Chalk it up to the living room


Concrete is versatile enough to work in myriad spaces and here it blends seamlessly with this cool, California-style home. But this concrete has a secret…it’s not really concrete. Sometimes a quick coat of paint can give you the look with less mess. This table, while looking entirely like concrete, is in reality painted with gray chalk paint and sealed with lacquer to give it a modern concrete look.




5. Lightweight Floors


Concrete floors are definitely the perfect industrial touch for any space but the weight of them can be daunting. Using featherlight concrete gives the same look but with less cost and labor. Small spaces, like this reading nook, are ideal for trying out this look before moving on to more spacious rooms.