5 Tables You’d Never Know Were DIY-ed

Finding the perfect table can be a daunting and expensive task with lots of question: What height should the table be? What colors go with what I already have? How much am I willing to spend? But DIY tables open up endless possibilities for personalizing your space, often for a lower cost.


1. Modern Storage Coffee Table
This amazing table is equal parts modern and practical. With built in storage, it’s simple to see this table is a versatile showstopper.

Storage Coffee Table With Acrylic Top


2. Copper and Marble Side Table
Mixing two of the biggest home decor trends, copper and marble, this side table is sturdy and easily customizable.


Copper Marble Table


3. Hexagon Rustic Dining Room Table

Take your rustic tastes to a whole new level with a honeycomb dining table. It’s unique without being overpowering.


Hexagon Rustic Dining Room Table


4. Birch Nightstands


These are so easy to make they can barely be called a DIY. And they look great in pairs of different heights for more counter space!


DIY Minimalist Dining Table


5. Wood Slab Coffee Table


The amazing


DIY Minimalist Dining Table