5 Shibori DIYs for Indigo Enthusiasts

By now, shibori and indigo designs have probably flooded your Pinterest. But what you don’t see is just how easy it is to DIY your way to shibori joy. All it takes is some dye, water, a linen or two, and a willingness to have Smurf hands all in the name of indigo.


1. DIY Indigo Picnic Blanket Tutorial


Picnic season is here and you can enjoy your next lunch on this indigo blanket. We also think this would make a great wedding gift for all those happy couples tying the knot this summer.




2. DIY Indigo Embroidery


Add a personal touch to your space with this DIY indigo dyed embroidered wall art. Stitch your favorite quote onto indigo dyed linen and you’ve got a special piece to add to your gallery wall.




3. DIY Shibori Placemats


Dinner’s about to get a facelift with these dyed placemats. They’re so chic they may even inspire you to ditch Netflix and eat at the table.




4. Dyed Shibori Curtains


Can you imagine the way the light would shine through these eccentric curtains? They’re being sold at higher end stores but you can make your own using any white curtains (or even a drop cloth!) and some dye.




5. DIY Shibori Patterns


There are countless ways to shibori dye but this tutorial shows you how to make different patterns on just about anything you decide to indigo.




Check out our Pinterest for more DIY ideas including this ink-dyed clutch, a shibori dress tutorial, and even how to shibori eggs.