5 Seashell Crafts for Beach Lovers

It’s time to go see Sally by the seashore and get some of those seashells she’s always selling so you can make these clever crafts. Seashell crafts have come a long way from simply gluing them to wooden boxes. Now the sky’s the limit with what you can make from these coastal souvenirs.


1. Candle Holder


With a little glitter and a lot of patience, this seashell candle can be yours. It’s a bold statement that would shine in any space.


seashell candle holder


2. Seashell Book
Make this seashell book to use as the base for a (very tiny) scrapbook of your trip to the coast or as a journal to write about your summer adventures.


Artist's Book


3. Seashell Monogram Art
Simply glue seashells to a sturdy paper, like cardstock, to create your own seashell monogram. Be sure to use a strong glue that’ll strongly bind your seashells to the paper.


Seashell Monogram


4. Oversized Shell Terrarium
If you’re lucky enough to score a large shell on your next trip to the beach, use it to create a truly stunning planter for your favorite succulents.


Seashell Terrarium


5. Oyster Shell Salt Cellars
These salt and pepper cellars made from oyster shells make the loveliest addition to any table. The swoonworthy gold and unique look are enough to motivate you to cook up a hearty meal just to use them.


Salt Cellar


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