5 Office-Friendly DIYs

No matter where you work, your space should show your personality and (ideally) be organized. Try these office-friendly DIYs to make your desk area your own.


1. Leather Mouse Pad


Leather mouse pads are simple to make and look professional while still serving a purpose on your desk.


Rose Gold Leather Mouse Pad


2. Gold Pencil Holder


Organize your desk with this polished pencil holder that can also hold just about anything else.


Gold Pencil Holder


3. Binder Clip Cord Organizer


Keep your cords organized with a few binder clips and a label.


Binder Clip Organizer


4. Upcycled File Cabinet


Give the file cabinets in your office a subtle makeover to make all that paperwork just a little more fun.




5. Customized Chair


Customize your office chair with a quick coat of paint. Spray paint works for the base but fabric paint is necessary for the seat and cushion of your chair.


DIY Painted Office Chair