5 Gifts You Can Make in a Hurry

With just a quick trip to the craft or thrift store and half an hour (or less) of your time, you can have the perfect gift ready for your loved ones. From candlesticks to cute toys, find something to make for the ones you love most.


1. Modern candlesticks


These can be made from start to finish in 5 minutes (plus a little bit of drying time) and make an awesome gift. Give them with a pair of candles for a quick and easy gift.


Modern candlesticks


2. Gold-brushed napkins


These napkins just require a paintbrush of glue and some gold foil rubbed on to look this good. While a set of these make a great gift on their own, you could also pair them with a delicious bottle of wine or a baked good.


DIY Gold Foil Napkins


3. Yarn dog


Kids will go crazy for these adorable pompom dogs that almost look like the real thing. Making a cute dog like this is as simple as gluing pompoms and felt together.


Yarn dog


4. Heart pillow


Twenty minutes is all you need to put together this simple but thoughtful


Yarn dog


5. Teacup candle


If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s a good candle. Make your own to give as gifts by adding wax to vintage teacups. You can add a personalized box of matches to make the gift even more magical.


Teacup candle