5 DIYs to Try for National Watermelon Day

It’s National Watermelon Day but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day picking seeds out of your fruit to celebrate. Try out these five fun crafts that’ll last longer than the slice of watermelon you just enjoyed.


1. Watermelon Doormat
Greet guests with a pop of color with this easy DIY.




2. Watermelon Piñata
This piñata might be too cute to break but it makes for the perfect party decor for National Watermelon day.  


3. Watermelon Umbrella
Save yourself from getting soaked during those summer thunderstorms with this umbrella that’s easier to make than you might think.




4. Watermelon Mason Jar
The always versatile Mason jar strikes again with this adorable DIY.


Mason jar


5. Watermelon Bunting
Because every celebration needs a festive bunting.




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