4 Small Ways To Make Your Desk Merry

Desks are small but you can make yours the merriest place in the office with these petite DIYs that are big on holiday spirit!


1. Add a holiday village.

When space is a hot commodity, create the cutest Christmas village out of paper.

Glitter Paper Houses

2. Make a mini tree forest that’ll fit perfectly on your desk!

Because one tree simply isn’t enough, make a few to spread the holiday cheer.

 Origami Trees

3. Create a garland to “light” up your space.

So what if you can’t hang up real Christmas lights at work? These are the next best thing!

 DIY Christmas Light Balloon Garlands

4. Spruce up your desk with a mini wreath.

They’re easy to make and will help your desk smell like a freshly cut Christmas tree!

Mini Wreath


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