4 Planter DIYs For Spring Blooms

A good planter can be an investment. These DIYs can help you get the high end look with a little elbow grease and a few supplies. So what are you waiting for? Head to your local nursery and get the planter party started!


1. Terra Cotta Graphic Planter DIY

Even if you have never held a brush before, you can easily pull of this chic planter DIY. All it takes is half an hour and you’re done!

 Terra Cotta Planter DIY

2. Marbled Ombre and Concrete Planter

So many trends are packed into this tiny planter package. Get your copper, marble, ombre, and concrete fix with this small-but-mighty succulent planter.


 Marble Ombre Planter

3. Hanging Leather Planter

We’re always a fan of DIY pieces that look even better than a (much more expensive) store bought version. And this hanging leather planter fits the bill!


 Hanging Leather Strap Planter DIY

4. Wooden Box Planters

Add some midcentury vibes to your space with these DIY painted box planters. They’re easier to make than you might think!


Wooden Box Planters


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