4 Fruit-Filled Valentine Ideas for Kids

Instead of passing out candy this Valentine’s Day, opt for a healthier (and funnier) alternative. Perfect for parents wanting to make their child’s lunch a little bit more special or for the student who wants to have the wittiest treat in school, these funny valentines will make any kid, no matter what age, chuckle.


1. Put a sticker on it.


Fruit Stickers


For a subtle surprise, put stickers on the fruit that resemble those that come on produce from the grocery store on but have a lovey-dovey (and hilarious) twist.


2. Make it resemble a treat from the candy aisle with a fun and colorful label.


Peel the Love


Apple of My Eye


Wash the fruit of choice and place it in a clear plastic bag. Seal it closed with a homemade, pun-tastic label. This is an especially handy idea for passing out classroom valentines since it keeps the fruit fresh and clean until it’s ready to be consumed. And the teacher will be thrilled to be teaching kids who are eating fruit instead of candy.


3. Write on it with edible markers.


Edible Ink Fruit


To save space, which is especially important for lunchboxes, write directly on fruit. Edible markers, which are available at craft stores, write on fruits without bruising them and allow you to personalize the treats for your little valentine!


4. Turn it into a gift by adding a clever tag.


Fruit Gift Tags


The simple act of adding a gift tag to a piece of fruit will make it special. Put one of these lovely watercolor-esque gift tags on a container of fruit and turn it into a Pinterest-worthy gift. While these work well for kids, your grownup friends will also appreciate them…especially if the limes tag comes with a side of margarita.


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