4 DIYs to Do During Christmas in July to Get Prepped for the Holidays

Even though the temperature continues to rise and it seems like cool weather is far away, it’s never too early to start prepping for the holiday season. Make 2016 the year you actually DIY your gifts instead of another year where you pin tons of good stuff but run out of time. Get started on your holiday decor and gift DIYs now and you’ll be prepped to kick back with some egg nog when December rolls around.


1. Holiday doormat
Great as a gift or for your own front door, this cheeky welcome mat that’s a shout out to Home Alone is perfect for the holiday season. Make it now so all you have to do is pull it out of the closet when the holidays arrive and you’re frantically cleaning up before your mother-in-law arrives.

Doorknob Hanger


2. Yarn wrapped hangers
Winter is coming and so is the need for storage space for your bulky winter clothing items. These yarn wrapped hangers make it easier than ever to store all your coats…and look like part of your décor while doing it. Choose yarn that matches your holiday décor scheme to make them even more merry.



3. Festive banner
Another gift option to make for friends and family is this adorable holiday tree banner. Get started on your gifts now and you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot on December 24th.

 Christmas Tree Banner


4. Doorknob garland
Wreaths are wonderful but maybe this is the year you switch things up and go with a pom-pom doorknob garland. We wouldn’t blame you if you went ahead and made one for every season and every door in your home. And bonus: this is another thoughtful DIY gift idea that your friends, family, and anybody with a door will enjoy.


Doorknob Hanger


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