4 Athletics-Inspired DIYs Worth a Gold Medal

Whether you’re looking to host a party or simply watching to find out who takes home the gold in the gymnastics finals, these DIYs will make your viewing event one for the books. Get inspired to support your favorite athletes and sports…and avoid any deductions for lack of enthusiasm!



1. Photobooth Ring Glasses
Watch your favorite sport through the iconic rings recognized around the globe! Create rings using construction paper and attach them to a small dowel rod, pencil, or anything with that shape to make these quick and adorable “glasses.”



2. Plastic Spoon Wreaths
Turn inexpensive plastic spoons into a thing of beauty with this simple DIY. All you need to make these incredible wreaths are glue, plastic spoons, and a few minutes.


3. Printable Flag Banner
Add some color and flair to your party with a printable banner, like this showcasing flags from around the world.



4. Snack of Champions Flame
Create a torch using ice cream cones and Cheetos. It’s a kid-friendly fire that’s sure to please.