4 Adorable Costumes You Can DIY in Time for Halloween

We get it—you’re totally busy! So it’s no surprise that Halloween crept on you yet again. Not to fear! You can still be the star of Halloween with these easy costumes you can throw together before trick or treating begins. Dress up yourself, your pets, your kids, or your significant other with these costume ideas.


1. A little family of school supplies


This minimal effort trio of costumes makes a huge impact! Whether you’re dressing up the entire family or just need a costume for yourself, each of these costumes can be made quickly to ensure you have enough time to fit in all your trick or treating pit stops.

Halloween Costumes


2. A hipster Ira Glass


If you love This American Life as much as we do, then you’ll go nuts for this fun (and easy) costume. Capture the hipster-ness of Ira Glass with some gray hair spray, a suit, and some Buddy Holly-esque glasses. Other kids might not know who you’re dressed up as but their parents will appreciate it.

Halloween Costumes


3. A hilarious Surrealist costume for your dog


While this DIY is a way to get your dog all dressed up for Halloween, we think you could steal it for yourself too. Or better yet, dress up with your dog for an adorable couple’s costume. Simply iron on patches or attach pins to steal this silly look.

Halloween Costumes


4. A painter and her palette


Turn those messy clothes you already own into a perfectly darling costume. Being a painter for Halloween is perhaps the easiest costume you’ll ever make. Simply splatter some paint on your clothes, grab a paintbrush, and you’re done! And if you’re interested in joining forces with your little one, let them be the palette! Done and done.


Halloween Costumes


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