3 Tie Dye DIYs to Dye For

Move outta the way, t-shirts! We’ve got some home décor tie dye DIYs that’ll add a splash of color to your space. Spruce up any room in the house with these tie dye projects that bring a dose of boho chic wherever they go.


1. Cloth Napkins


This tie dye project is relatively simple, using just a few household items you likely already have. And we love the fun pop of color these napkins bring to the table just in time for spring!




2. Colorful Sheets


Relax in tie dyed style all summer long with these sheets perfect for sleeping in on Saturday mornings.




3. Boho curtains


These curtains will make you look at tie dyeing in a new way. Using a single color and the basics of tie dyeing, anybody can create these incredible window treatments that look way more expensive than they’ll actually be to make.