12 Fall Decor Ideas

Chilly weather calls for a change in home decor, just like the changing leaves falling outside. For a fresh fall look at home, try out these 12 ideas!



1. Create glass candle holders.
Create a centerpiece using a container, filler, and a candle. Fill the glass halfway up with dry maize, add a tealight candle, and voila—a fall centerpiece is born. You can also use pebbles or candy corn in place of kernels but steer clear of anything that might chip your container.



Photo: Surround Yourself Magazine



2. Add some seasonal or fall art to your decor.
Don’t worry about taking down your perfectly-placed pieces but instead, focus on some new additions that exude fall.





3. Rethink traditional fall colors.
The colors in your home don’t have to match the changing leaves outside. Substitute copper and gold accents instead of orange and yellow for an updated look.





4. Put a mum on it.
Mums are fall’s underrated spokesperson, readily available and rarely used. They come in a variety of colors and can be found anywhere, from the grocery store to the farmer’s market. Mums are the easiest and cheapest way to bring a fresh addition to your space. They thrive outdoors in sunny, dry areas but can be used indoors if you have a spot that gets at least six hours of sunlight daily.



Photo: Surround Yourself Magazine



5. Don’t forget about texture.
Trading in your lightweight summer wardrobe for a warmer one is a must when fall rolls around.  Make the same change at home. Incorporate furry or plaid textures for a quick and subtle rustic feel.





6. Make a citrus wreath.
It may take an afternoon to create a citrus wreath but the rewards are worth it. Not only will it look great but the fresh aroma makes any home smell incredible.  Not up for hanging a wreath? Think of it as another centerpiece option for a fall table.





7. Spark a (faux) fire.
Create a fireplace using wood, orange lights, and a wire basket. It’s much less work than creating a real fire, and safer too. Even though it won’t produce any heat, we won’t judge you for warming your hands over this fire.





8. Light up the night with new lamps or fixtures.
With winter on the way, the sun is setting earlier each day. Add a new light fixture to your space to cope with the dark evenings. This DIY chandelier can take any room to another brighter level.


DIY Chandelier



9. Paint a patterned tray. 
It will hold all the books you’ll be reading by the faux fire during the fall and winter. Tidy and trendy is never a bad thing.





10. Build your pet a bed.
Give your pet a cozy new place to curl up during the cooler months. Not only will your pet get better rest but the bed can also be customized to match your décor.


DIY Modern Pet Bed



11. A new outdoor rug is a must.
Chilly weather calls for boots, which have a reputation for trekking mud and leaves in. Whether you choose to make or buy one, your floors will thank you.


Painted Rug



12. Paint a pumpkin instead of carving it.
To make sure your pumpkins survive all the way to Halloween, put down the knife and grab a paintbrush. Your pumpkins will last much longer and look great!