11 Gifts They’ll Never Know You Made

This year, avoid the crowds at the mall and give your friends and family homemade gifts that look anything but. We rounded up a list of 10 gifts for everyone on your list—and trust us, these gifts are a far cry from those oversized knit sweaters your grandma loves to give. From simple to complex, these crafty gift ideas will bring tidings of comfort and joy.



1. A cactus candelabra for your trendy sister who loves anything kitschy.


Cactus Candelabra

Surround Yourself Magazine



2. Metallic glassware for the hosts.


Metallic Glassware



3. A custom bus roll for your new spouse to tell them how you feel.


Custom Bus Roll



4. A leather pouch for anyone because who doesn’t love the smell of leather?


Leather Pouch



5. A Custom Serving Board for the chef.


Custom Cheese Board


6.Dino socks for the kids.


Dino Socks



7. An industrial lamp for your design-loving brother.


Pipe Lamp DIY



8.A striped desk chair for the working lady.


DIY Striped Vinyl Chair



9.Geometric wall planters for your mom who loves to garden.


Geometric Wall Planters



10.A baby and toddler swing for the little ones in your life.


Baby and Toddler Swing



11. A bow tie for the furry friends who are family, too.


DIY Bow Tie



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