10 Industrial Pipe DIYs to Try

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation or even if you’re not, pipe products are (mostly) inexpensive and easy to come by. Try these DIY ideas to bring a touch of industrial goodness to your space.


1. Copper Pipe Side Table


We can’t imagine any space this table wouldn’t look good in. For a luxe look, replace the wood with glass or lucite.


DIY Copper Side Table


2. Pipe Overhead Light Fixture


Lighting fixtures are expensive and finding the right one for your space can be tricky. Use the time you would’ve spent searching for the perfect light fixture on creating your own.


Pipe Overhead Light Fixture


3. Lacquered Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder


Be the house that has the best…toilet paper holder? With a little bit of copper and some spray lacquer, you can have the most memorable toilet paper holder around.


Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder


4. Pipe Lamp

Forget shopping for a lampshade because you won’t need one with this edgy lamp.


DIY Spring Wreath in Pink and Gold by Kojo Designs


5. Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit


The possibilities with this unit are endless. Though it’s pictured here as a kitchen pantry unit, we can see this working as an entertainment center or awesome desk.


DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit


6. Paper Towel Holder


It’s all in the details and with a paper towel holder like this, we’re certain the details won’t go unnoticed in your kitchen.


Paper Towel Holder


7. Pipe and Wood Slat Bed


Don’t be afraid to tackle a project this big. It’s way easier to recreate than you’d expect and makes a statement piece in the bedroom.


Pipe and Wood Slat Bed


8. Pipe Clothing Rack


Lack of closet space is a common problem that can be fixed by creating this stellar and sturdy DIY clothing rack.


Pipe Clothing Rack


9. Raised Dog Feeder


Make life easier for your pups with this raised dog feeder that won’t clash with the rest of your décor.


Raised Dog Farmer


10. Pipe Wall Hooks


These simple hooks make organizing a dream and can be created quickly, a win-win situation.