10 DIY Ways to Display Succulents

If you’ve been to the farmer’s market or on Pinterest recently, you might notice one thing: succulents are everywhere! And they’re the easiest way to make your home look pin-worthy, especially if you jazz them up with these DIY ideas.


1. Spraypaint your succulents.


They’ll look out of this world good. We recommend only using a very light coat of paint if you’re using real plants or use faux succulents and layer on as much as you’d like!


Plants from Another Galaxy


2. Display them with macramé.


Macrame is shockingly easy and gives everything a slightly boho vibe.


DIY Macrame Plant Hangers


3. Repurpose an eggholder into a tiny little planter.


Face planters are very in right now (trends are funny things, aren’t they?) and these little eggholding planters fit right in. Grab a permanent market, draw your best face, and put a tiny plant in there to look like hair.


Urban Jungle Easter Styling


4. Repurpose your eggshells.


Who knew eggshells could be so helpful? Save your eggshells and use them to create a tabletop garden with succulents.


Succulent Eggshell Centerpiece


5. Use a vintage gumball machine as a planter.


Avoid cavities by using a gumball machine to display your succulents instead of store sugary gumballs. Pro tip: leave the lid off the gumball machine to make sure your plants are able to breathe.


Gumball Machine Succulent Planter


6. Make your succulents into a big wall display.


This display is easier than it looks to create using plywood. You can use natural stains to add depth and ensure none of the chemicals in a store-bought stain affect your succulents. It’s a low cost way to add a big impact in a sunny room of your home.


DIY Garden Wall Urban Sunroom


7. Upcycle an old light fixture to make a glass terrarium.


Thrift stores are filled with old light fixtures that you can shine a new light on by using them as planters for succulents.


$2 Thrifted Brass Light Fixture


8. Make your house stand out with a succulent address number.


This is a 30 minute project that will make your neighbors green with house envy.


 DIY Address Number Wall Planter


9. Fashion a hanging candelabra using driftwood, succulents, rope, and a drill.


This simple hanging candelabra makes a beautiful display at an outdoor party or wedding. And if you don’t have a need for a hanging candelabra, using it as a centerpiece is equally as lovely.


DIY Driftwood Candelabra


10. Make your monogram into a lush succulent garden.


Hang these planter letters on your wall or use them as a leaning centerpiece. Either way, they’re a conversation piece worth making.


Quirky Budget Friendly Wedding


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