You’re So Vain: 10 Chic Vanities

What we love about the classic vanity is it’s versatility–Broadway performers in New York use them, as do the characters in Downtown Abbey. A good vanity will take you far in life, or at least help you look good. Check out these 10 chic vanities that combine form and function:


1. Marble-top Hidden Vanity



This vanity can serve double duty as a desk and vanity with it’s hidden opening in the middle containing a mirror, perfect for storing makeup, while office supplies can go in the drawers on either side.


2. Modern Closet Vanity



Get dressed and put makeup on all in the same space.


3. Mid-century Vanity



Vanities don’t need to be overly feminine and this one proves it. From the animal bust to the industrial cabinet, this vanity has a natural feel.


4. Mirrored Vanity



If there’s one thing vanities need, it’s a mirror and this one has that covered…in a lot of ways.


5. Corner Vanity



This classic vanity fits into any space, especially those corners that tend to go unused.


6. Controlled Chaos Closet Vanity



This closet vanity is meant for function, with lots of storage space.


7. Bedside Vanity



There’s no shame in a multitasking vanity. If you’re limited on space, a vanity can also serve as a side table.


8. Bar Vanity



It is possible to have a sizeable vanity without it absorbing too much room. Opt for a bar-style vanity for maximum surface space without taking up too much room.


9. Suitcase Vanity



Vanity by day, side table by night. Relocate this vanity as needed by using a suitcase for your cosmetic storage needs.


10. Bathroom Vanity



Turn your bathroom into a powder room by adding a small vanity in a nook or closet.