What to Throw Out in 2016

With a new year comes a lot of new stuff and that means it’s time to clear out all that junk you’ve been hanging onto for far too long. Make 2016 your most organized year yet and get rid of all that stuff you can live without.


1. Things you haven’t worn since 2014


If you don’t really like it anymore, it doesn’t fit, or you simply can’t figure out how to wear it, toss it into your donate pile. It’ll make more room in your closet to find the things you actually enjoy wearing.



2. Makeup you bought in early 2015


Most makeup or facial products need to be tossed six months after opening (or sooner). Don’t put things on your face that’ll cause breakouts. Because breakouts have no place in 2016.



3. Half eaten bags of holiday treats


Make 2016 healthier by getting rid of those holiday treats you’re probably tired of looking at anyway. Nobody likes stale peppermint bark, so get rid of it and save yourself from a late night snacktastrophe.



4. Receipts older than three months


Junk drawers can quickly turn into receipt drawers and purses and wallets can easily turn into receipt carriers. Most stores have a 90 day return policy. After that, your receipt isn’t going to do any good, so toss it out. Keep any receipts for larger purchases that you have a warranty on but one for the milk you bought in September? Chances are you won’t need it again.



5. Catalogues and magazines you’ve been meaning to read since the early 2000s


If you haven’t read them by now, you’re never going to. Sorry for the tough love but a clean house is worth the sacrifice of outdated magazines and catalogues.