Vail Run Resort: Where Decor and Vacation Come Together

Vail Run Resort is known for being a haven away from home where people can come and rent a beautiful suites and condos overlooking scenic Colorado landscapes. Vail Run Resort recently spruce things up with some new art and decor. We got the chance to speak with Alan McLean from the resort and he told us all about the cool things happening at Vail Run and more about its new look.


Surround Yourself: Tell us a little bit about Vail Run Resort. 


Vail Run Resort: Vail Run Resort is a 54 unit timeshare resort, featuring studio, one, two and penthouse units with full kitchens and fireplaces in each unit.  The resort is family friendly with an outdoor pool, in a very active life-style community. Owners often put their units up for rent if they cannot travel to Vail, allowing the resort to rent units to visitors.    There are activities for all ages nearby from skiing to mountain biking, rafting, fishing, hiking and golf just to name a few. 




SY: How did you go about selecting art and photography for the resort? For example, how did you know what pieces you wanted to get–did you shop by color, artist, subject? 


VRR: We are a Colorado Mountain resort, and wanted to use pictures of Colorado and what our mountains have to offer, especially in  summer our guests travel on both day trips or overnight trips to different parts of the state. Having pictures of an area they may see or have seen before can remind them of how much they enjoy Colorado and the natural beauty, and the myriad of activities they can do while here. The canvases spark conversations between staff and guests about their time visiting the location or how do I get to that area, its beautiful I want to see for myself.  Your website allowed me to search for “Colorado” and easily specify what size and orientation I was looking for, then it was a matter of choosing what appealed to us.




SY: It’s clear you pay a lot of attention to the decor details at Vail Run Resort. How does that affect the experiences your guests have while visiting? 


VRR: Vail Run is an older resort, small by today’s standards, only 54 units in one building, in a community catering to wealthy second homeowners and affluent travelers. We have to work within our established footprints to constantly improve and update our units, make them feel warm, welcoming, relaxing and a place to sit and unwind, like a home away from home. Have an evening meal or cocktail, without the pressure of finding a restaurant for every meal, allowing our guests a more affordable option.  70% of our units are unique is size and layout, thus our units are individually furnished and decorated.



Art via Great BIG Canvas: (left to right) A narrow gauge steam train sitting at station by Robbie George of National Geographic; Durango and Silverton Passenger Steam Train, Colorado, by Gavin Hellier


SY: What’s the best compliment you’ve received about the artwork and decor?


VRR: “ Wow, what an improvement.” The canvases brighten the rooms giving the rooms a light and airy feel. Most owners and guests like the boldness of the unframed canvases as they pop out at you. We have had a few ask about getting some.




SY: What made nature photography a good fit for Vail Run Resort? 


VRR: Vail is surrounded by National Forest, nature abounds one only need hike some of our nearby trails and you may see a fox, deer, or even a moose, streams, wildflowers etc.. We want our guests to relax, have fun, but also get out and enjoy all the natural beauty we have in the area and the activities based here.



Art via Great BIG Canvas: (left to right) Wildflowers in an Alpine Meadow in Yankee Boy Basin by Robbie George via National Geographic; Reflection of Pine Trees in a Lake, Alpine Lake, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado by Panoramic Images Collection


SY: Some of the rooms decorated were bedrooms and others were common rooms. Did the purpose of each room affect the pieces you chose for them? 


VRR: For the bedrooms I generally looked for horizontal pieces 60×20 to fit over the beds, I felt they made the room pop a little more than the traditional wooden framed artwork we previously had.  I then generally attempted to group the pictures in a general theme.  Lakes and mountains, Ghost towns and mines, Durango and Silverton Railroad, and scenery one might catch along the ride, Sports and of course skiing. 



Art via Great BIG Canvas: (left to right) High angle view of skiers skiing, Vail Ski Resort, Vail, Colorado by Panoramic Images Collection; Mountain Bikers Riding on a County Road Towards a Forest and Mountain by Robbie George via National Geographic


SY: What overall feeling do you hope guests feel when they walk into the resort? 


VRR: Clean, well-cared for, family friendly, relaxing a place you would like to return to, comfortable.




SY: When you were shopping for art, did you decide to go with an overall theme for the entire resort or did you decorate room by room?


VRR: I wanted the theme to be Colorado high country, more laid back, relaxing and welcoming and then room by room so there was connection between the canvases in the rooms, i.e. wildflowers and streams, historical sites/ ghost towns, wildlife, activities one can do in the area such as bike riding, a quiet hike along a trail, snowboard or ski, tour old abandoned towns, etc. 




Art via Great BIG Canvas: (left to right) Deer in Rocky Mountain National, image supplied by Vail Run Resort using Canvas Builder; Two Male Elks Side by Side in the Forest by John Gauthier from National Geographic; Young Bull Moose in the Tetons, image supplied by Vail Run Resort using Canvas Builder


Thanks for sharing your beautiful resort with us, Vail Run! Find out more about Vail Run Resort here and shop for nature art pieces on Great BIG Canvas.