TV on Your Terms

TV’s were designed to captivate our attention, but that doesn’t mean they have to captivate your room’s design when they are on and off. Here are some tips that will help you make the TV part of a design that works for you.

1. Out of the Fire and Over the Fireplace
There are pros and cons to putting a flat screen tv above the fireplace. Some think it has become a bit cliche, but there is no denying it works and there are plenty of ways to keep the look fresh. So if you do decide to do this, make sure the TV has proper ventilation and all electrical components will be shielded from heat exposure. You will also want to consider the best way to view your television. If your TV requires you to view the TV straight on in order to get the best image, you will want to angle the television down.


2. Out of Sight
Use sliding panels, revolving panels, or cabinet doors to keep the TV out of sight when not in use. You can even use a map or artwork to help blend the television into the rest of your decor.



3. You Should Put a TV There
Now that there are so many options for TV size and so many ways to view the programs you want, you should consider putting a television where you need it. Think of a convenient location in the kitchen to watch cooking shows. Integrate a TV into the bathroom so you can catch the news while getting ready in the morning. Put a TV where you’ll use it most.



4. Take a Stand
TV stands and consoles are essential to house the components needed to run a television. When you get a console with character, it will stand out more than the television, which is exactly what you should want to accomplish.







5. Off the Wall
TV stands and consoles work great in conjunction with a wall but they can also be a unique opportunity to explore locations for the TV that are less conventional and more amazing.




The Amazing Red Coffee Table by It’s Just Laine

6. Off to the Gallery
The gallery wall is another staple way to make a flat screen tv blend well with your room’s design. As always, it requires a bit of planning. Just make sure you start with the ideal location for the television and then plan the gallery wall around that.

Console Table Vingettes by Creative Juices Decor




7. The Power Struggle
An important part of making any of these setups work is paying attention to the details. Find creative way to keep power cords and signal cables hidden. Some TV stands and consoles make this a simple task but others will make it a challenge.



8. Into the Wood
Wood backboards have multiple advantages.They create an strong foundation to mount a television, as well as providing a natural element to areas that feel overly industrial or electronic.



9. By the Bookcase
Don’t think twice about using bookcases to surround your television. They provide lots of storage for different media types, art, and collectibles. Plus, it can’t hurt to offer a subtle reminder that there are ways to entertain ourselves when the television is off.

10. A Unique Frame of Mind
If all else fails, frame it. Some of us love TV and and that is more than enough reason to make it the focus of the wall. There are also plenty of options to display family photos and artwork on the screen. Making your new TV the never ending piece of art.

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