Trend Spotting at High Point Market: 5 Looks to Love

Last week, we had the chance to visit High Point Furniture Market and get a glimpse of what’s trending in home décor. There’s so much good stuff happening in the home décor world, you guys! These were just a handful of the things we noticed that are coming into (or staying in) style

1. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie was the most prominent trend we noticed. And it’s not even really a trend—it’s been in style since the 1800s when Western makers and artists began integrating Chinese designs into their works. Chinoiserie is effortlessly elegant and works with a variety of décor styles.


Lake Harriet renovation

2. Blush Tones

Soft pink, peach, whatever you want to call it—this pastel hue is having a major moment.


French Country | Naperville, IL

3. Natural Elements

From geode wallpaper to bug art (yep, BUGS!) to driftwood furniture, there’s no overlooking the impact nature is having on home décor.


Gallery Park

4.Overdyed Rugs

Those rugs that look a million years old that you keep spotting in new spaces? They’re not going out of style any time soon. While there are myriad places you can purchase a new rug that just looks old, many sellers at High Point Market had rugs in nearly perfect condition that were more than a hundred years old and aged naturally.


2nd Avenue

5. Gold. A lot of it.

Gold isn’t necessarily a trend since it’s been in style in some form or fashion for as long as we can recall. Traditionally, gold was used in home décor to make it more glamorous. But we noticed gold being used in playful new ways—to add whimsy with a vintage touch through brass and gold figurines or to bring some sleek functionality through lighting fixtures. Gold’s had a makeover and it’s working.


Lost Creek