Trend Alert: 6 Ways to Decorate With Urchins

Sea urchins aren’t just found under water anymore. The hedgehog-of-the-sea-turned-latest-decor-trend has been spotted hanging from ceilings, adorning coffee tables, and other places around the house. We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to use these quirky accessories to make your home the envy of all the bloggers…and mermaids.


1. Urchins make remarkable statement light fixtures.








2. Use an urchin as the dining room table centerpiece.



3. Place an urchin or two on the coffee table, side table, or bar cart to make your space look cool and edgy.








4. Urchins can be practical and glamorous when used as a jewelry holder.



5. Give your walls a facelift by adding a group of urchins or by adding them into an existing gallery wall.












6. Or if you’re really in love with urchins, use different kinds in muliple ways.