Then and Now: 1965 Home Decor

1965 was a big year: The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium, Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President, troops were sent to Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement was being led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and The Sound of Music premiered in NYC. 2015 might seem like a much difference place than 1965 but some things have barely changed. One of those is home décor. Take a peek at what was in then compared with what’s in now.


Jolly Green Giant Living Room




1965 Green Living Room


1965 was the year of monochrome, as seen in this photo of a living room done almost entirely in green. A zebra print rug lays on the hardwood floor and a gallery wall of mirrors hangs over the couch, not unlike what’s going on in modern living rooms.




Modern Green Living Room


This modern green and black living room looks like the Technicolor version of the 1965 one that uses varying shades of pea green with lots of wood accessories. In the modern room, an emerald green is accented by a dark wall with black and white accessories, including a chevron rug and abstract art.



While both the 1965 living room and this modern one use a zebra print rug, they use them in very different ways. Despite having green walls and a green couch, the 1965 room uses color less than the modern one, which accents the zebra rug with a vibrant couch, oversized art, and a stack of colorful books.


Green Modern Living Room 2


A modern look with the same feel—this room uses a more neutral color palette, including a cowhide instead of zebra print and white walls, along with simple décor.


Little Red Riding Hood’s Living Room




1965 Red Living Room


If there’s one thing this room tells us, it’s that red was as big a trend in monotone decor. The fireplace, carpet, wingback chair, and the bench—not to mention the accessories—all share the same color of red.




Modern Red Living Room


Red’s still in but monotone décor, unless done in neutrals, is not so much. The going trend now is more of a neutral look with pops of color added. Black, white, gray, and beige are all great starting points for a room. To give it a 1965 vibe, add in vibrant bursts of color but to keep it modern, make sure they’re added in moderation. A red fireplace met with a red throw pillow, complimented by a colorful piece of art, will achieve a midcentury modern look that can’t be beat.


Ready for Takeoff Blue Living Room




Ikea 1965


With furniture reminiscent of a Pan Am airplane, this living room uses varying shades of blue and a built-in wooden entertainment center as the focus.




Modern Blue Living Room


Blue furniture and built-in shelves are still going strong but hardwood floors and bare windows have taken reign over carpeting and thick curtains.


Jonathan Adler Modern Blue Living Room


While this room may not have a lot of blues in it, it shares some similarities with the 1965 room. Again, we’re seeing more bare windows and hardwood floors layered with rugs now than ever before but long live the wall of open shelving.


Geometric Magic Carpet Ride Bathroom




Black and White 1965 Bathroom


In this bathroom left untouched since 1965 in an upscale New York City apartment, black and white geometrics make another appearance but this time, they’re paired with gray carpet and a standing stall shower.




Black and White Modern Bathroom


Bathroom carpet is long gone but a black and white bathroom is forever.


Black and White Diamonds Are Forever Kitchen



Red Cabinet Kitchen


Geometric black and white meets red in this 1965 kitchen, with a few peeks of yellow. Once again, it’s proven that bold colors in big doses were a staple 50 years ago. While a kitchen with red counters and floors may not be something easily found today, many of the trends seen here are still holding up today. The open shelving in the corners of the kitchen and the crisp colors are classics that will never fade.




Red Cabinet Kitchen


This modern kitchen uses the poppy red that was so popular in 1965 in a very bold way. With red cabinets surround by blue and white tile, this might be the brightest kitchen around.


ABM Yellow Kitchen


Similar but different to the 1965 kitchen, this one has a lot more open shelving to show off well-curated collections of home goods.