The New Look of Neutral Kitchens

There are many ways to say “neutral”: bland, boring, run-of-the-mill, normal, ordinary. But these kitchens are changing the way we think (and look) at the most popular room in the house. Black, white, and shades of grey paired with wood, metal, or marble accents make neutral kitchens into polished and remarkable places to cook a meal or spend time with family and friends.


See a few of our favorite neutral kitchens below and get inspired by the stunning coolness of these powerhouse kitchens.


Soothing Grey Kitchens


If you can’t decide between black and white for your neutral kitchen, there’s a simple solution: grey. From dove to charcoal, grey kitchens bring a modern feel to a classic look. And this is one trend we’re convinced is becoming a classic.







Bright White Kitchens


In our minds, nothing can top a grey kitchen except for a bright white one that’s simple to clean and makes cooking even the most complicated of meals a cinch.










Dark and Moody Kitchens


A dark kitchen brings a level of sophistication to any space. If the kitchen is where you do the most of your entertaining, a dark one will surely bring the drama to your gatherings so your guests don’t have to.








Mixed Media Kitchens


There’s power in numbers, as shown in these neutral kitchens that pair multiple colors, styles, and textures to create a kitchen that’s as neutral as it is unique.











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