State Fair Style: Home Décor Inspiration

We’re always looking for unexpected sources of style inspiration and this time, we’re turning to one of fall’s most fun outdoor perks: the fair! Whether you go for the food, the rides, games, or to check out all that award-winning produce, the fair is an unexpectedly great place to go for home décor inspiration. These are just four ways to infuse your home with state fair flair:


1. Primary Colors

Though the fair is bright and bustling, there are three colors seen more often than others: red, blue, and yellow. They’re attention-grabbing and make the fair more festive. Using these colors in your home can have the same effect: adding a festive touch to any space.

Project 2013. Moscow. Stoletova 49 sq.m.


Richmond, 1930


HGTV Showhouse Showdown


2. Stripes

Fair and carnival tents are major inspo when it comes to using stripes in your décor. They’re simple, they’re bold, and they’re timeless.

Ship Shape Boy


1644 Residence


3. Carnival lights

String lights and marquee lights have been in the spotlight (pun intended) for a while and it’s easy to see why. The dreamy light they cast off is perfect for creating a cozy place to relax.



Midcentury Riviera


4. Bold and classic typography art
There are oversized signs everywhere you look at the fair, advertising everything from food to games to animals. Those bold signs can look great in your home too!

 Eat by Ryan Fowler

 Best Burgers from The Bigstock Collection