Small But Mighty Decor: Custom Pillows for a Custom Look

With the use of social media and the growing popularity of home tours on blogs, we’re seeing inside people’s homes more often than ever before. From interior decorators to celebrities to your friends and acquaintances, it’s addicting to see the way different people make use of the space in their home. We’re also learning that you don’t necessarily need an interior designer to have a space that looks like it was designed by one.
You rest your head each night on one of the easiest ways to make a huge impact on your space with minimal effort and a barely-there budget: pillows. From the couch to the bed, throw pillows are unrivaled in their ability to be changed on a moment’s notice and layered to create both a look you’ll love and a comfort you’ll enjoy.

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Pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes but we recommend going for square pillows as a base for your custom pillow collection. If you’re looking for a simple pillow, the best bet is for what’s called a “knife-edge pillow,” which just means that the lines are clean around the edges with no piping. These are the most common pillow you’ll find and for good reason—they’re clean and simple without being boring.
Use your custom pillow collection to add personality and style to your space. You know how some people save their best outfit for Friday? You can help your home permanently have a cute Friday outfit by adding a few comfortable additions to your couch, chairs, and bed. Trust us that it’s the more, the merrier when pillows are involved.


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