Photos on Canvas: 4 Stylish Ideas for Fall

No amount of pumpkin spice lattes can prepare your home for fall. But your photography can! Print your photos on canvas and achieve the ultimate fall style. These are just a few photos you likely already have, either in a photo album or on your phone, that would make excellent art for your walls. And if the colors don’t seem fall enough to you, Canvas On Demand can print any image in sepia, a reddish-brown color that’s the epitome of autumn.


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1. Travel photos

Pictures of mountains or from your adventures in rustic areas, including national parks, make stunning wall art, especially in the fall.


2. Nature pictures


Getting a great nature photo is as easy as walking outside and looking down at the fallen leaves, meaning even city dwellers can snap a great nature picture on their next outing. And just a reminder: images taken on your phone often make great photos on canvas, so don’t be afraid to take pictures that way! Just make sure you submit them as “Actual Size” when ordering a canvas.


3. Vintage photos


As mentioned earlier, any image you upload to Canvas on Demand can be printed in sepia, giving it a lovely rusty hue that looks vintage—even if it isn’t. It’s modeled after old western-style photos but can make any of your photos on canvas look great. Or you could just use actual vintage photos…both will look great on your walls!


4. Floral images


Next time you’re at the grocery store or farmers market, head to the fresh flower section and snap a few pictures. Grocery stores typically only have seasonal flowers in stock, meaning your picture will be seasonally appropriate!


Visit Canvas On Demand and print your photos on canvas as wall art for your home! We offer a variety of sizes and framing options to fit your décor style. How do you decorate for fall? Let us know!


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