Natural Elements

There’s a reason why it’s called “the great outdoors” or why we’ve never heard anybody say they wanted to spend more time inside. But by adding some natural elements to your home, you may start wanting to do just that. Here are five ways to bring nature inside.



Incorporate animal print into your décor. Cowhides are back in a big way and can be used in a lot of ways. Layered on top of a jute rug, they make the perfect base for creating a cozy room.






Create the appearance of texture in your gallery wall by adding outdoor photographs. Whether it’s a close-up shot of wood grain, animal images,  or a look into a wooded area, these types of images will offer a tranquil addition to your space.






Get plants. A lot of them. Plants are a simple, low cost way to bring vitality to a room. Succulents and other indoor plants are ideal for anybody because they’re nearly impossible to kill. Look for low-light plants if your home doesn’t receive direct sunlight. If you’re prone to allergies, we especially recommend air purifying plants.






Believe it or not, that wood paneling from your grandmother’s house has a new look and is ready to be used in your industrial or rustic home. Go for the feel of a cabin by putting up a wall of paneling in your home. Not quite committed to paneling your walls? Create a reclaimed wood backboard that you can easily relocate when you’re ready for a change. Unfinished wood used in different ways will do the trick as well. Ever think about converting to barn doors for your dining room?







For small spaces, bold wallpaper can be the missing piece to completing a room. Go for an earthy wallpaper to make you feel like you’re walking in a forest. Bonus points if you opt for an ecofriendly wallpaper, which is made without PVC or the toxic glues.