How to Create a Creative Home Work Space When You’ve Got No Room

Most people have at least one thing they can’t live without. For those who work from home (and even those who don’t), having a defined work place in your apartment or house can make all the difference in day to day life and productivity. Even if you’ve got no space, use these tips to create a place that works for you and where you can do whatever work or craft project comes your way.

1. Use whatever space you do have, even if it’s just a windowsill.
Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can’t have all the storage you need. Use every needed nook and cranny to create a storage routine that works for your creative space.


2. Don’t be afraid to borrow things from other areas.
Take a tip from this desk-in-a-closet and let a dining room chair double as a desk chair during the workday.


3. Rethink what kind of working surface you need.
For people who primarily get creative digitally, a small area like this hideaway desk is more than enough space.


4. Keep what makes your imaginative juices flow near where you like to create.
A corner desk doesn’t have to feel cramped. Though this work area seems small, the smartly placed storage of books and other pieces makes it feel much larger and open.


5. Ignore the decor rules and do what works for you.
It’s true—we love the rules. But we also love breaking them in the name of style and functionality. Turn any space that inspires you into a place where you can express your individuality ad be productive.