Home Decor Inspiration for Mixing if Matching Isn’t Your Thing

When it comes to decorating, there are two schools of thought: one is that everything needs to match and the other is that everything should go together. Similar, but not the same. When everything matches, it’s from the same style, color palette, or era.
But when things go together, they might not match. A Midcentury couch could be found with a modern throw. A traditional bookcase might be accented with whimsical vintage finds from all different time periods. These rooms make the most of mixing and matching, but with more emphasis on the mixing part of things. If your home’s feeling a little blah, try to mix things up like the spaces below.


Federation paint schemes


Funky industrial loft - Beaches, Ontario


Salvage Secrets Design & Decor




New Work


West Town Loft




Chelsea Glam Pad


Chelsea Townhouse


Bright Bohemian Inspired Apartment in the Haight