Guest Post: 7 Tips for Decorating Your Home Office

Sadie is the Director of Marketing for Safe & Smart Living where she leads the charge on all brand management, graphic design, social media strategy and overall marketing initiatives. She has more than a decade experience in digital and traditional media for a wide-range of companies and industries and has managed social media for dozens of major brands. Today she’s sharing her tips for creating an inspiring home office you’ll actually want to work in.


The new year is the perfect time to consider a new, fresh look for your home office. Whether you work at home full-time or just personal use, having an environment that is warm, inviting and inspiring is key to being productive. It should be a place that reflects who you are and what your values are so you are reminded of that throughout the day. Because the office is a place you often spend more hours of the day than you do sleeping. Why not make it one you want to be in all day, everyday?


And one of the many benefits of working from home is you have the ability to make the space your own. No need to get the ok from the corner office. Of course, if you share a home office with a spouse or have clients that will be visiting often, it’s important to take them into consideration, but at the end of the day, it’s your little corner of the world so make it unique to you.


Here are my top seven tips and ideas for decorating your home office:


1. Motivation Matters


No, it doesn’t have to be one of those cheesy motivational posters often found in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices. Pick one of your favorite quotes, song lyrics or phrases and blow it up big so it’s a daily reflection of what keeps you going.


Home Office


2. Art for Art’s Sake


If you’re a graphic designer, illustrator or artist, why not blow up your own work and use it as a backdrop for your desk? It makes for a great conversation starter and reflects your own personal brand to yourself and the world.


Art for Art’s Sake


3. Insta-Frame-Worthy


Turn one of your favorite smartphone photos into a piece of work that can fill an empty space on a wall. Use a more abstract photo (like a close up or black and white filter) to get a more unique effect. For all you stylists, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, this would be a perfect addition to your home and/or office.




4. Go Big, Or Go Home


Have tall walls or a larger than life area that needs covered? Instead of using wallpaper or paint, try blowing up a photo for a dramatic effect without the mess. White on white is a wonderful, modern look. This concept is perfect for those who work from the dining table and/or have it double as a conference room.


Go Big, Or Go Home


5. A Little Pop of Color Goes A Long Way


Just because you have a nook of a desk or shared office/living space doesn’t mean you can’t make it magical. Lean a small piece against your wall and, voila, you have an easy, inexpensive way to create a polished, professional look. And you don’t even need to put holes in the walls (great tip for renters).




6. Gallery Wall of Fame


Can’t decide on one photo to use? A gallery wall of pictures is a fun solution for filling up your walls. Make sure to use similar photo styles, colors or theme for a consistent, uniform look and maximize the area and get measurements ahead of time so you don’t end up making any mistakes. Disclaimer: if you go this route, it’s best to situate your desk in a way that it’s not facing the photos or you might get distracted and not get any work done.  




7. Don’t Overthink It


When in doubt, just pick something that speaks to your heart. As a graduate of the University of Texas and former Texan, I love Longhorns and wanted a way to fuse a little cowgirl into my home office without having it be too Western. A colorful horned cow did just the trick and I love having a new co-worker too!

Don’t Overthink It


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