Don’t Be Jealous: 5 Secrets of House Tours

Home tours are meant to spark creativity but often they spark the green monster of envy and sometimes a little guilt because of how beautiful and clean they are—no dishes in the sink, no laundry piled up, fresh flowers everywhere kind of clean. Next time you look at a home tour, enjoy it by keeping in mind a few simple secrets and know your home looks better than you think.


1. Small space dwellers (and even a few large space dwellers) sometimes use their parent’s homes to house belongings that simply don’t fit.


The Dirty Little Secret of Small Space Living


2. Clutter and chaos (think mountains of unfolded laundry) are often just out of the shot…or shoved in an unpictured closet.


Office Makeover


3. It takes an incredible amount of time to make a room look finished—it’s not something easily accomplished in a day, week, or even in a year.




4. Every home you see has been meticulously cleaned and styled. Even the most organized homes get messy sometimes—it’s just not captured on the tour.




5. Photoediting helps things, too. Not every home you see is that sunny all the time.