10 Ways to Style a Modern Library

With gadgets that make books easier than ever to access and the popularity of open concepts at home, there’s not always a lot of room for a classic home library. But despite the odds being against them, libraries are far from extinct. In fact, they come in all shapes and sizes and styles. The best part is these libraries are anything but the stuffy, dusty messes you envision when you hear the word “library.” Check out these modern libraries we want to spend all our time in:


1. The hallway library
A library doesn’t have to be a room. It can be a hallway or nook. Just make sure a comfy seat and lots of books are present.


2. A colorful reading haven
If you weren’t paying attention, it’d be easy to overlook the fact that this library is done in neutral colors that the pops of color come from the books themselves. Modern chairs and ottomans keep these libraries fresh.



3. Living room library
No need to designate an entire room to the library—you can have a respectable library as part of your living room. Bonus points to these rooms for using a ladder like you’d find in a classic library.




4. Dining room book club
This home library is made better by the DIY light fixture featuring book pages, tying the dining room to the library behind it.


5. Built-in bookcases
If you do your reading before turning in for the night, there’s no better place for a library than the bedroom.


6. The fake library
Want to make your library super modern? Don’t put any books in it and instead add a wallpaper to give the look of a library.


7. Home office library
Working from home is made better by books, and lots of them, on well-styled shelves.