Booth or Table: How Do You Dine at Home?


When you walk into a restaurant, it’s not unheard of to be asked if you’d like a table or booth. But that decision isn’t nearly as important as the one you make at home. When it comes to dining at home, what do you prefer–a table, a booth, or a little bit of both?


Slide into a booth


Booths add a level of coziness in the kitchen. They’re like glorified couches you’re allowed to eat on and when company comes over, there’s (almost) no limit of how many people can fit in the booth. Unfortunately, the playfulness of a booth does come at a price. Being stationary, booths aren’t the most versatile. For people who like to switch things up at home, a booth is a big commitment. But you’ll never have to tell your kids to push their chair under again!









Have a seat at the table

With a table and chairs comes a lot of room to move and change your dining setup. Tables can be found in nearly any size or style to match whatever space you’re in and because they’re not bolted down, they’re easy enough to change with the seasons.










Enjoy the best of both worlds with both

Can’t choose? Opt for a little bit of both. Achieve the booth/table look with a bench or wall of seats, paired with a few chairs. It’s an unstoppable look that’s anything but bland.