8 Wall Trends to Try

Being cooped up all winter isn’t always a bad thing-it’s like being given the gift of time to update your home and tackle all those projects you can’t bear to do when the weather is nice outside. To make your home look fresh when spring comes around, update your walls this winter using one of these DIY ideas:


1. Fake a brick wall with wallpaper.




2. Get buzzy making this bee wall using gold ink pad and a stamp.


Stamped Wall


3. Don’t let boring walls foil your plans to have a unique home. Add foil tape in a geometric design.


Foil Wall


4. Attract all the right attention with a magnetic wall.



5. Chalk it up to good taste with this blackboard wall.



6. Let the ombre effect into your living room with a barely-there paint job.


Ombre Wall


7. Marvel over marble with a swirled paint job.



8. Avoid your home getting pegged as dull by taking a tip from Julia Child and adding a pegboard for storage.


Pegboard Wall