8 Trendy Patterns That Are Here to Stay

When it comes to patterns, there are countless ones to choose from and even more ways to use them at home. But these 8 patterns have stood the test of time and their 15 minutes of fame will never end. From the classic stripe to the modern honeycomb, patterns are a way of making any space extraordinary. Mix them or use them on their own but either way, patterns give character to a room.


1. The Honeycomb


Sweet but not without a sting, honeycomb patterns can be found in rugs, wallpaper, shelves and lighting fixtures. This pattern exudes a sort of mid-century feel but never looks outdated.







2. Ikat

Not just for the eclectic household anymore, ikat prints were brought into the spotlight several seasons ago and haven’t left since. Whether you’re looking for a punchy red, a soothing blue, or a more neutral ikat print to use at home, this pattern is one you can expect to see around for years to come.




3. Herringbone

A pattern made popular by men’s suits has now joined forces with interiors. Herringbone tile backspash and wood floors, stenciled herringbone walls, and statement herringbone rugs are popping up in homes ranging in styles from industrial to eclectic. And these pictures prove that a little bit of tile laid in a herringbone pattern is enough to make a room shine.








4. Polka Dots

They’re not just for kids anymore! Polka dots or spots–the latest term for this timeless pattern–are one of the most versatile patterns out there. Use pastel dots to spiff up a nursery or add a mature touch to any room with deeper hues.











5. Tribal Prints

Tribal prints are a fun addition to a home because while introducing pattern to a space, they also bring as a bit of history too. Ikat falls under the category of tribal prints but because ikat’s become so popular, we gave it it’s own category above. As for other prints, the term “tribal” encompasses beachy aloha, shibori, tapa, and other prints. You can read more about tribal prints here.







6. Chevron

People tend to think chevron is a new pattern. It’s not–it’s been around for as long as broken wood and was brought into popularity with the Chevron gas station, which used the pattern as it’s logo. Today chevron patterns and prints can be found in nearly any store and like herringbone, it’s a popular pattern for laying tile.











7. Gemstones, agate, and malachite

These groovy patterns got a boost in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. They come in a bounty of shapes, sizes, and colors. Malachite patterns are varying hues green with hints of black, white, and perhaps some yellow. Agate patterns often look like swirled watercolor paintings. And gemstones are like snowflakes–no two are identical. These prints can be found on countertops, wall paper, art, and accent pieces around the home.






8. Stripes

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal–stripes will always be in style in fashion and in decor. There’s nothing that compares to the power of a clean line.