9 Times Rustic and Natural Elements Made a Room More Glam

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean your living room has to resemble a log cabin (even though we think log cabins are pretty great). Check out these 8 rooms that blend rustic natural elements like wood, stone, and earthy greens with glam accessories for a look that’s effortlessly unique.


1. Clean lines and leather mixed with bright abstract paintings and lots of wood furnishings make this living room a melting pot of glam and rustic.



2. Bright white, stone, and accessories that pair modern shapes with natural hues turn this bright living space into a haven of comfort.



3. A wooden table with a wooden centerpiece AND wooden logs in the background might sound like a lot. But the glam chandelier, mirror, and modern chairs with a furry seat keep things from being too rustic.



4. In a more traditional living space with neutral pieces verging on the glam side of things, wicker, wood, and botanicals add a rustic tone.



5. Mixing vintage with new is no longer a trend—it’s a staple. But add in some rustic multipurpose side tables/seats/ottomans and you’ve got a completely fresh look.



6. If you could imagine this room without the plants, pinecones, and other earthy rustic pieces, it would be a bit bland. But add in those rustic elements and it’s transformed into something with elegance and style.



7. Weathered leather, bright lights, and a wooden furniture give this city dwelling space the comforts of a cozy cabin without the long drive.



8. As far as we’re concerned, this space is flawless. From the comforts of a shag rug to the rustic coffee table that also boasts a little bit of glam with its glass legs, this is one room we’d love to hang out in.



9. This room leans more towards the rustic than the glam but with its carefully curated bookshelves and gold sconces, the rustic-meets-glam look is strong.